At Barden, we know that you want more than just quality produce. You want your vegetables to be grown using sustainable efficient growing methods that avoid unnecessary impacts on our local and global environments.

We are comitted to minimising our environmental impacts across all facets of our business to ensure that the environment that we depend on to produce our products is in prisitine condition for future generations. We also know that it is important that we don't just say that we are sustainable that we prove it. To that end Barden has now achieved Freshcare Environmental Certification for our Farming operations at both Peats Ridge, NSW and Gatton, QLD.

A number of initiatives have already been implemented across our business with many more in progress. To date we have achieved the following,

  • Returnable, Reuseable Crates
    • Many produce businesses use Returnable crates to supply their major customers, Barden has taken this one step further. Over 85% of produce received by our processing facilities last year was harvested in to and supplied in returnable, reuseable crates eliminating the need for over 1.5 million cartons last year alone.

  • Harvest Recycling
    • By working in partnership with our NSW Waste Removal Contractor - Cleanaway, Barden now diverts over 1,000 cubic metres of waste every year to recycling instead of landfill.

  • Water Reuse Projects
    • Our Gatton and Kemps Creek processing sites now harvest and reuse treated effluent for all landscape irrigation. This is supplemented by captured stormwater where required.

  • Recirculation of Nutrients & Water (Hydroponic Sites)
    • Our state of the art hydroponic facilities in Gatton & Peats Ridge utilise the latest dosing and monitoring technologies to minimise the use of fertilisers.
    • The systems also capture and recirculate all water to ensure not a single drop is wasted.
    • Capped channels and covered pipes prevent water loss through evaporation.
    • Compared to conventional field growing our techniques use less than 2% of the water that would be required to produce the same volume of produce in a field grown farm.
    • Fertilisers are 100% efficient and do not leach in to the soil meaning less chance of degradation of the local environment and reduced fertiliser usage.

  • Electricity Use Reduction Initiatives
    • Replacement of lighting fixtures and fittings throughout our offices and facilities with low energy T5 Fluorescents and LED Lighting.
    • Migration from PC's to Thin Clients reducing power consumption by 27,000 kwH per year
    • Refrigeration represents a significant portion of our annual electricity usage, our facilities are pro-actively carrying out upgrades to existing equipment moving to more environmentally friendly refrigerants, more efficient condenser units and retrofitting variable speed drives to condensor fans to drive down electricity usage.
    • Consolidation of Business Servers in to a VMware Powered Virtual Server Environment reducing server duplication and power consumption by 75%.


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